Rohde and Schwarz ZVB14.17

Vector network analyzer, 2 ports, 10MHz - 14GHz, Installation of ZVB14-B16 possible
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List of Options
B16 Direct Generator/Receiver access for 2-port ZVB14
DCV-2 Documentation of calibration values
K3 Mixer- and harmonic measurements
ZVAB-B18 Removable Flash Disc for ZVA/ZVB with controller unit FMR7/3 or FMR7/6
ZVAB-B4 Oven quartz (OCXO) for ZVA, ZVB, ZVT
ZVAB-K2 Time domain (for ZVA, ZVB, ZVT)
ZVAB-K30 Noise figure measurement on linear and frequency converting 2 port devices (for ZVA, ZBV and ZVT,
Specifications & Attributes (Network Analyzers)
10 MHz - 14 GHz
Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

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