MicroTel 1295

Attenuation Measurement Receiver
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The 1295 measures accurate scalar insertion loss of microwave devices. Its most common use is the calibration of coaxial attenuators and waveguide components. It also measures isolation on RF switches, circulators and isolators, and output power calibration of signal generators. As a reflectometer for calibration of waveguide loads it’s very precise. The 1295 is a super-heterodyne receiver employing series IF substitution. The measurement reference is a bolometer used in a very linear 12 dB range and a precision 30 MHz attenuator with 10 dB sections switched in or out to maintain the signal level within the bolometer "window." The output of the bolometer is coupled to a VIF converter then to a digital averaging circuit to reduce the noise to measurement inaccuracies. Its frequency range is 10 MHz to 18 GHz, to 40 GHz with external mixers (sold separately). The dB display (with Bolometer linearity) has a range of 13 dB (nominally), ±0.02 dB. The RF attenuator’s range is 0 to 110 dB with best accuracy of 0.02 dB. The reference signal range is +17 dB. This receiver truly is a powerful tool for any RF lab.

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