IET 1657

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The BK Precision Model 889 Synthesized In-Circuit LCR/ESR Meter is a high accuracy test instrument used for measuring inductors, capacitors and resistors with a basic accuracy of 0.5%. Also, with the built-in functions of DC/AC Voltage measurements and Diode/Audible Continuity checks, the Model 889 can not only help engineers and students to understand the characteristic of electronics components but also being an essential tool on any service bench.

When LCR measurement mode is selected, the test frequencies of 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz or 100KHz may be selected on all applicable ranges. The test voltages of 50mVrms, 0.25Vrms, 1Vrms or 1VDC (DCR only) may also be selected on all applicable ranges. The dual display feature permits simultaneous measurements.

It can be used to check ESR values of capacitors, sort and/or select components, measure unmarked and unknown components, and measure capacitance, inductance, or resistance of cables, switches, circuit board foils. etc.

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