IET 1689M

Precision RLC Digibridge
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The 1689M Digibridge RLC Tester is a rack-mountable high-speed microprocessor-controlled automatic programmable RLC tester and limit comparator.

  • Basic accuracy of 0.02% readout on 5 full digits
  • Capacitance range is 0.00001 pF to 99999 µF ohms
  • Inductance range is from 0.00001 mH to 99999 H
  • Test frequencies from 12 Hz to 100 KHz
  • Test voltages from 5 mV to 1.275 V
  • Measurement speeds up to 17 per second
  • Displays: measured values, percentages, differences ratios, GO/NO-GO and binning

  • Power Cable
  • Bias Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • BNC to BNC Extender Cable with Banana/Alligator Clips

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