Fluke 343A

DC Voltage Calibrator
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The 343A DC Voltage Calibrator is a 7-digit instrument with a basic accuracy of 20 ppm and a resolution of 1 µV on the 10 µV range. Cleanliness of the dc output is evident in the combined ripple and noise specifications of 50 µV rms from the 343A. Short term jitter and other random excursions are almost non-existent, less than 1 ppm. Covers 0 to 1111.1110 Volts in three ranges Output current is 0 to 25 mA at any setting Resolution: 0.1 ppm of range (1 µV maximum) Accuracy: ±0.003% of setting or ±0.0003% of range (worst case) Features a four-terminal floating output and adjustable current limit with indicator.
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