Tektronix 067-0916-00

Video Amplitude Calibrator
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The Tektronix 067-0916-00 Video Amplitude Calibration Fixture is a high precision test fixture used in the measurement of common video test signals, and the calibration of video test signal generators and waveform monitors.

The 067-0916-00 provides a simple means of measuring and calibrating luminance and chrominance signals associated with most video test signals. A low impedance output on the unit provides a precision square wave with a resolution of 0.1 mV and an accuracy of 0.05% from 0 to 999.9 mV peak. Lever switches select the output voltage or preset values are switch selected from values stored in EPROM.

The 067-0916-00 requires any 2 slot or wider TM500-series mainframe and is compatible with NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, and SECAM formats.

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