Motorola R2001B

Motorola R2001B: Communication Analyzer : Data Communications Testers
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The R2001B Communications System Analyzer comprises 12 instrument functions for transceiver testing: Spectrum Analyzer, Duplex Generator, Modulation Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, AC/DC Digital Voltmeter, RF Wattmeter/Signal-Level Meter, General Purpose Oscilloscope, Multimode Code Synthesizer, Distortion/SINAD Meter, Sweep Generator, DTMF Encode/Decode, and Printer Port. Frequency range is 10kHz to 999.9999MHz with a resolution of 100Hz. Output in 50-ohms is 0.1µV to 1Vrms on FM and 0.1µV to 0.4Vrms on AM. The monitor mode measures frequency from 1MHz to 999.9999MHz. The autoranging CRT display has a resolution of ±10Hz for frequency error. Input sensitivity is 1.5µV for 10 dB EIA SINAD. The spectrum analyzer has a 75 dm dynamic range.

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