Motorola R2670B

Digital Communications System Analyzer
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Digital Communications System Analyzer Expandable Platform for Digital, Trunked, and Secure Testing In addition to including all the capabilities found in the R2600, the R2670 FDMA digital Communications System Analyzer is a special digital hardware platform that allows customized configuration to include multiple test capabilities in one convenient package. The R2670 includes as standard features: Tracking generator Cable fault testing High performance spectrum analyzer with markers Programmable test set-up memory The R2670B provides support for most compatible encryption algorithms including, DES, DES-XL, DES-OFB, DVP-XL, DVI-XL, as well as the recently released AES. Voice and embedded data encode and decode testing can be done in the encrypted mode using either permanently stored test keys, or actual customer-selected keys which can be loaded into the unit using a compatible keyloader.
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