Rod-L Electronics M100DC-5.5-500

DC Hipot Test Instrument
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Performs Dc dielectric withstand test up to 5.5 KVDC at 10 milliamperes (5mA standard) Performs concurrent ground continuity test ARC and OVERCURRENT detection circuits Fast HV shutdown within 2 milliseconds Fast discharge of Device Under Test (DUT) and other test standards Production/Quality Assurance Testing Fully automatic test cycle Detects and indicates the following » Test Ready (security ground chassis sensed) » Test in Progress » Test Passed » Test Failed Following test parameters easily preset via rear panel potentiometers » Voltage ramp » Test time » Test voltage » overcurrent trip point Switch-selectable ramp and rest time combinations Arc detection circuit Overcurrent detection circuit Solid state HV generation and control system for reliability Switchable "burn" featured permits destructive testing by maintaining output voltage, following failure, to the DUT throughout duration of preset test time Can be interconnected with M25 Ground Continuity Test Instrument or any ROD-L AC Hipot Test Instrument to simplify multiple testing requirements Continuos Ground Continuity Monitoring Monitors Ground Continuity of DUT before and during each Hipot Test Senses for 0.5 ohm (standard), at approximately 1.5 VAC Loss of safety ground connection during test causes high voltage to shut down with both audible and visual failure indication Inhibits application of high voltage if the security chassis ground is not secure Superior Safety Features Front panel receptacle is rated to 8000 VAC Front panel receptacle prevents direct operator exposure to high voltage during test Shutdown within 2 milliseconds after dielectric breakdown, overcurrent or ground continuity fault Electronically controlled output voltage ramp rate circuit guarantees consistently smooth ramp Visual (audible optional) indication of high voltage applied to DUT Discharge circuit provides for rapid discharge of DUT following shutdown Visual and audible indication of the following: » Arc detection » Excessive overcurrent flow » Ground continuity test failure
List of Options
01 Digital Remote Interface
09 Low Current Option
23 Digital Panel Meters
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