Rod-L Electronics M25

25 Amp Ground Continuity Test Instrument
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Ground Continuity Test Instrument The M25 Ground Continuity Test Instrument checks ground continuity from chassis ground to the power cord ground pin of the unit under test. Its constant 2.5 volt ac power source supplies up to 25 amperes in full compliance with BSI and VDE standards. AC resistance as well as AC current are displayed on separate, front-panel meters. A potentiometer on the rear panel easily enables setting the ground resistance trip point up to 0.15 ohm. Test time is adjustable between 1 and 90 seconds. If the ground resistance exceeds the preset value, a fail indication is illuminated. After test parameters are preset, a single start button actuates the fully automatic test cycle, providing efficient and consistent testing. The unit has an output of 2.5 V up to 25 amps. Manufacturer's Options Option 01 = Remote Control (TTL level logic) Option 06 = Rear Panel Lockout Cover Option 10 = Audible Testing Tone Option 15 = Rack Mounting
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