Fluke PM6303

Automatic RCL Meter
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  • Easy to use, at-a-glance display
  • Test frequencies, from 50 Hz to 1 MHz
  • 0.1 % basic accuracy
  • RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces
  • AC test levels from 50 mVrms to 2 Vrms
  • Internal or external bias
  • DC test measurement (optional)
  • 9 front panel set-ups
  • Actual component test voltage/current readback
  • Automatic zero trimming
  • Contact check and deviation mode (PM 6306 only)
  • Front-panel test posts for immediate 4-wire measurements

The PM 6306 is the most versatile RCL meter, allowing testing at any frequency up to 1 MHz. AC and DC test voltages are continuously adjustable, and the PM 6306 has a built-in contact check function to ensure optimum connection. With these capabilities, you can handle a wide variety of components under realistic test conditions.

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