Omega HHF610

Anemometer - Combination Air Velocity/ Temperature Probe
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The OMEGA-FLO® HHF600 Series of portable air velocity meters combine rugged, accurate air flow measurement in a compact, portable package. These meters feature direct air velocity measurement–no temperature or pressure compensation is required. Several HHF600 models are available to combine temperature and/or static pressure measurement, along with air velocity measurement, in either English or metric units. All OMEGA-FLO® kits are fully portable, with NiCad batteries and a 115/230 Vac recharger included. HHF600 units feature multiple scales, making them ideal for use in both low and high velocity environments. The velocity sensor is a rugged platinum RTD network, resistant to dirt, contamination, and breakage. HHF600’s are suitable for field use in many applications, including hood velocity, clean rooms, HVAC systems, windtunnels, and in product development. Note: Pressure adaptor is a fixed orifice which slips over the velocity probe. Air leaking out of hole in duct through adaptor determinse pressure in duct.

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