Picotest Corp M3500A

6 1/2 Digit Multimeter
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USBTMC stands for USB Test & Measurement Class. Any USB device conforms to USBTMC without the limitations of operation systems and environment can work under VISA assistance, and communicate with a computer.In other words, the control procedures via VISA to USBTMC device and via VISA to GPIB device are the same.

The advantage of using USBTMC with M3500A is that you dont have to buy any expensive GPIB module, and waste time to re-program the previous application software which is for GPIB. Only the instruments conform to USBTMC protocol in the VISA basis, and the version of NI-VISA 3.1 or upward driver is installed. The USBTMC unit under the original GPIB software will be recognized, and can be easily used. Besides, it also offers users other benefits, for example, support 127 DMM connections at a time, USB cord can work with a long distance application (at most 30M), and it is easy to get the cord.

  • Resolution 6 1/2 digits
  • 5*7 dot matrix VFD, dual displays with 3color annunciator.
  • 11standard measurement functions & 8 math functions.
  • 4 front ground terminal are connected to rear Chassis Ground.
  • Thermocouple Adapter (optional) provides convenient standard sockets.
  • Built-in USB and GPIB (optional) Interfaces.
  • Easy & Free PC applications.
  • Optional Accessories.

List of Options
01 Multi-point Scanner Card
02 Thermocouple Adapter
03 BNC to Banana Adapter
04 GPIB Card
05 RTD Probe Adapter
06 RS-232 Card
07 Kelvin Probe
08 4-Wire Test Leads
Specifications & Attributes (Multimeter)
Form Factor
GPIB ( /04 )
RS232 ( /06 )

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