Advantest R6161

DC Voltage/Current Source
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Overview The R6161 is a programmable DC voltage/current generator that uses a time-division system in the reference voltage generation block for high stability and accuracy. The DC voltage can be output over a wide range of 10 nV to ±1199.999 V and the DC current over a wide range of 1 nA to ±119.9999 mA. The stability of the DC voltage generation is 30 ppm (typical value for six months). Therefore, the DC voltage can be widely used for the calibration of a digital voltmeter or analog indicator instrument or as a generation source for a variety of tests. Up to a 100-step program to control the voltage/current generation operation can be set by hand or by using GPIB commands. This program data is backed up by a battery. A remote function is provided as a standard feature so that the functions required for measurement such as the digit level for each setting, range polarity and limiter can be set from the outside for incorporation in a system. Feature
  • High Resolution of 10 µV/1 nA (Maximum)
  • High Accuracy Guaranteed by Josephson Voltage Standard System
  • Built-in 100-Channel Memory Function
  • High Output of ±1200 V/±120 mA
  • List of Options
    01 Maximum follow-up voltage: 1200 V

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