Amplifier Research FP5080

Battery-operated Broadband Isotropic Electric Field Probe
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The Amplifier Research FP5080 is a battery-operated broadband Isotropic Electric Field Probe designed for use in Radio Frequency Interference / Electromagnetic Compatibility (RFI / EMC) test system applications. This probe uses optical isolation to minimize field perturbation during measurements.

The Amplifier Research FP5080 probe assembly consists of a spherical casing, containing the sensor, which is mounted on one end of a shaft; the other end of the shaft is attached to an extrusion which houses the electronics. The sensor and electronics housing operate - and are calibrated - as a unit.

The Amplifier Research FP5080 measures the field strength in each of three axes. It performs a vector addition calculation on the readings and sends the resultant to the receiver via a fiber optic cable. Frequency response of the Amplifier Research FP5080 is 80 MHz to 40 GHz; dynamic range is 1 to 300 Volts per meter (V/m).

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