Fluke 6011A

Synthesized Signal Generator
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The 6011A performs the functions of an oscillator, counter, and level meter over a range of 10 Hz to 11MHz, with amplitudes ranging from 0.4 mV to 5V rms and -55 dBm to +27 dBm. Designed for portable, bench-top, and systems applications, it uses a highly stable internal 10MHz frequency source to indirectly synthesize output frequencies from 10Hz to 11MHz with 0.1Hz resolution to 110kHz and 10Hz resolution to 11MHz. When desired, it can be slaved to an external 10MHz reference. Output level is digitally controlled and can be selected in terms of V, mV or dBm. Additional output flexibility is added by the ability to select volts peak-to-peak or volts rms into an open-circuit or 50 ohms termination. Maximum obtainable output voltage is 28.28V p-p.
List of Options
01 High Performance TCXO
02 Phase Lock Input
03 Frequency Modulation
04 Rear Panel Output
05 IEEE 488 GPIB
06 EIA Standard RS-232C Interface
07 40 - 400Hz Line Power
08 100V, 50-60Hz Line Power
09 20 - 31MHz Tracking Output
10 75 Ohm Output Impedance
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
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