Fluke 6160B

Synthesized RF Signal Generator
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The Fluke Model 6160B Frequency Synthesizer is the industry's most popular VHF synthesizer because of its high spectral purity. It produces frequencies from 1 MHz to 160 MHz in two ranges: 1 MHz to 12 MHz and 10 MHz to 160 MHz.Frequency resolution is 0.1 Hz on the 12 MHz range and 1.0 Hz on the 160 MHz range. A unique feature of the 6160B is that the highest internally-generated frequency is that of the output VCO. This makes servicing easier, and eliminates UHF EMC problems. SInce the output VCO operates from 80 to 160 MHz, frequency division is employed for coverage of lower frequencies. This results in improved spurious specifications for frequencies lower than 80 MHz. Phase noise is similiarly reduced for lower bands. Adjustable output up to +13 dBm into 50-ohms. Local or remote control. Level maintained, absolute phase noise <-62 dBc.
Specifications & Attributes (Signal Gen/Synthesizers/Sweepers)
Form Factor
160 MHz

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