Racal Instruments 9087

Signal Generator 1300Mhz, Synthesized, Low Noise
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The Racal-Dana 9087 covers the complete 10Khz to 1300Mhz frequency range without doubling. This eliminates sub-harmonics. A 10 digit LED frequency display has a resolution of 1 hz. These units include the option 4 high stability time base for accuracy of .05 ppm.(this translates to an accuracy of +-50 hz at 1000Mhz) Low noise and spectral purity are achieved with the use of phase locking a low noise quartz oscillator between the reference standard and the synthesizer drive circuits. The end result is a 20db reduction in the noise multiplication factor. The adjacent channel noise performance is maintained to within 3Khz of the carrier. This makes the 9087 ideal for testing SSB receivers. The Specs. regarding SSB phase noise are: 0.01-100Mhz(-136dbc/hz); 100-325Mhz(-142dbc/hz); 325-650Mhz(-136dbc/hz); 650-1300Mhz (-130dbc/hz). Spurious Signals >3Khz off carrier are -90dbc@.01-100Mhz; -97dbc@100-325Mhz; -91dbc@325-650Mhz; -85@650-1300Mhz. The SSB broadband noise floor is -150dbc @>2.5% offset.. The Racal-Dana 9087 offers AM, FM, Phase and Pulse modulation from a combination of internal and external sources. Internal modulation frequencies include 400Hz and 1000Hz. AM is digitally selectable from 1% to 100% in 1% increments. The DC coupled AM mode provides analog leveling or ramping of the RF output, linearity and phase shift have been optimized for ILS and VOR NAVAIDS testing. Frequency Modulation with up to 1Mhz deviation at rates from DC to 100Khz or phase modulation to 5 radians at modulation frequencies from 20 Hz to 10 Khz can be selected. DC coupled FM allows the 9087 to be used for analog sweeping, as a VCO which can be phase locked to another frequency source and for error free digital modulation (Flex and POCSAG paging). The 9087 can be pulse modulated from internal or external sources. The low noise performance make this unit ideal for doppler or over the horizon radar simulation. The output level range is -140dbm to +19 dbm in 0.1 db steps. A 4 digit LED displays output level in Voltage, dbm or relative db.
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