Ectron 1120

Thermocouple Simulator / Calibrator
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The Model 1120 Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator is a precision voltage source designed to perform calibration of thermocouple temperature measuring, indicating and recording instruments efficiently and without various auxiliary equipment. In addition to providing thermocouple simulation, the Model 1120 is a precision DC voltage calibrator with a conventional linear output from -11 V to +11 V, providing resolution to 0.01 ┬ÁV. The efficiency of temperature calibration with the Model 1120 far exceeds that previously available with the traditional methods using an ice point reference, DC voltage standard, and the NIST Monograph 175 tables. With much less possibility for error, the Model 1120 allows easier and faster calibration of temperature instruments. Featuring direct digital input via a keyboard, thermally compensated output terminals, a 5-1/2 digit display with floating decimal and up to eight (8) thermocouple types, the Model 1120 is unsurpassed as the calibration standard for thermocouple type instruments. The Ectron Model 1120 Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator operates under microprocessor control to provide an output conforming to the emf output of any of eight thermocouple types when the thermocouple type and temperature is keyed directly in degrees Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F). Precise conformity to the non-linearity of nine thermocouple types (E, J, K, T, R, S, B, C, and N) is controlled by optional plug-in thermocouple types modules, one for each of the nine thermocouple types offered. Each thermocouple type module, except type C, includes a ROM containing the polynomial equation that corresponds to NIST Monograph 175 (ITS-90). Using 32-bit floating-point arithmetic, digital conformity errors are reduced to virtual insignificance. Coupled with the ability to command a temperature directly, the Model 1120 provides accuracies traceable to NIST and superior to all but the most elaborate laboratory setups. With more than sufficient margin to calibrate even the best thermocouple measuring, indicating, and recording instruments the Model 1120 offers ACCURACY, not just resolution. As the leading manufacturer of Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrators, Ectron has embodied in the Model 1120 the latest technology to simplify operation and to reduce all errors, both hardware and operator, associated with the calibration of temperature instrumentation.
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E E-Type
J J-Type
K K-Type

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