Estimated Repair Pricing

Estimated repair pricing takes in to consideration labor costs, parts and flat rate repairs for equipment in the Oscilloscopes category.
Here is a high, low and average repair price estimate based on past repair history.
Low: $20.00
Average: $1,917.42
High: $22,315.50

Common Failure Analysis

Being a leader in the service industry means we see a lot of equipment come through our doors. With that in mind we've seen a wide array of equipment failures. Listed below is a summation of repair history for the Oscilloscopes category.

Failure Occurrences * Avg. Turnaround Time **
Defective Processor Assembly 8 9 Days
Defective front panel 8 13 Days
Failing Acquisition 8 22 Days
Fails Self Calibration 8 13 Days
Defective Motherboard 9 10 Days
Defective Acquisition Board 10 39 Days
Defective Hard Drive 10 11 Days
Defective Floppy Disk Drive 11 3 Days
Defective Key Pad Assembly 16 10 Days
Fails Self Test 27 30 Days
Defective Attenuator 49 23 Days
Does Not Power On 57 22 Days
Defective Acquisition Assembly 112 22 Days
Defective Power Supply 125 19 Days
Display Failure 132 17 Days

Occurrences *
Number of times we've repaired this model for the given failure.

Avg. Turnaround Time **
This is the average number of days it takes to repair the given failure. This is based on the number of days from the time the item is received to when we send you our evaluation plus the number of days from when we receive your approval to when we ship it out.