California Instruments 2750L

3KVA AC Source
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The L Series consist of a range of AC Power Source products with output power levels from 833 VA to 30 kVA. Using high frequency PWM technology, these units provide precision AC power in single, dual (split) or three phase configurations. All L Series units use dual voltage ranges and programmable current limits to protect the unit under test. Standard voltage ranges of 135 and 270 Volt rms are typical but optional output range options offer voltage ranges up to 400 V rms. The complete solid state, high switching speed PWM architecture of the L Series ensures low noise and low distortion output over a wide range of power levels.
List of Options
160 RTCA/DO-160 test. These test routines are embedded in the -PT controller along with the standard APE
1M Single Phase Manual Control Oscillator
1P Single Phase Standard Programmable Controller
1PT Single Phase Fast Transient Controller
3M Three Phase Manual Control Oscillator
3P Three Phase Standard Programmable Controller
3PT Three Phase Fast Transient Controller
704 MIL-STD-704 test. These test routines are embedded in the -P and -PT controller along with the standard
EHV Extra high voltage. Changes output transformer to 200 V/ 400 V, L-N (45 Hz to 1000 Hz frequencies only).
HV High voltage. Changes output transformer to 156 V/ 312 V, L-N.
LV Low voltage. Changes output transformer to 67.5 V/ 135 V, L-N. Especially useful when 115 V, L-L is
MODE Allows certain L-Series models to be IEEE-programmed or switch configured for single-phase or three phase
MT Primarily for military applications, where CIIL and full confidence test is required. Not available on 751L.
RPV Allows amplitude of any L-Series unit, when using a manual oscillator, to be programmed with an external 0 -
SQW Allows square wave capability with programmable controller. Not available on 2750L-1, 4500L-1, 6000L or
Specifications & Attributes (AC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
Dual Phase
Single Phase ( /MODE )
Triple Phase ( /MODE )
833 Va - 30 KVa
Is Programmable ( /SQW )
67.5 V - 135 V ( /LV )
270 V
156 V - 312 V ( /HV )
200 V - 400 V ( /EHV )

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