California Instruments 3000iL

3000 VA 45Hz-5000Hz AC Power Supply
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The California Instruments 3000iL AC Power Source offers single or three phase outputs with up to 3000 VA of power from 45 Hz to 5 kHz. The 3000iL also offers high performance power analyzer features thereby handling operations that historically required multiple instruments.

The 3000iL is one of Three iL Series models that are available providing output power of either 3000 VA, 4500 VA or 4800 VA. Models 3000iL and 4500iL offer single and three phase operation for demanding applications requiring extensive measurements and arbitrary waveform generation. With a crest factor of up to 4:1 for the 4500iL and 6:1 for the 3000iL, the iL Series AC source/analyzers can drive difficult non-linear loads with ease.
List of Options
003 Three Phase
704 MIL-STD-704 test. These test routines are embedded in the -P and -PT controller along with the standard
Specifications & Attributes (AC Power Supplies)
Form Factor
Single Phase
Triple Phase
3000 Va

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