Keysight (Agilent) 15442A

Agilent 15442A Cable kit: 4 x SMA (m) to SMA (m)

Units Available for Purchase

Keysight (Agilent) 15442A Base Model
The Agilent 15442A Cable kit: 4 x SMA (m) to SMA (m) . This cable kit contains 4 x 90cm (36inch) long SMA (m) to SMA (m) cables. This cable kit is designed to work with Agilent's line of Transition Time Converters. These converters have been designed to convert the transition times of instruments with fixed, fast transition times, to slower, fixed transition-times (150 ps, 250 ps, 500 ps, 1 ns, 2 ns); hence reducing the signal bandwidth. All transition-times are between 10% and 90% of amplitude. The design of these converters ensures very low signal reflection far beyond the 3 dB point. Reducing the signal transition-times also increases the overall pulse-performance for overshoot/reflection sensitive applications. The converters are fitted with two SMA connectors, one male, one female. Compatible units include: 15434B, 15438A, 15435A, 15432B and the 15433B.

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