Ballantine 1620A

Transconductance Amplifier, 200 uA - 100 A, DC - 10 KHz
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Designed for use by calibration and test departments, the 1620A Tranconductance Amplifier provides precise, high accuracy current levels from DC - to over 10 KHz for calibrating ammeters, current transformers, and shunts. It provides output currents to 100 Amperes, ans as such may also be used as a high current power supply, ans as a power source for welding and bonding applications.

The 1620A converts a signal voltage applied to its input, into a high resolution output current whose value is directly proportional to the input signal level. As an example, if an input of 2 Volts is applied on the 20 Ampere range, a current of 20 Amperes will the produced at the output terminals. With DC input voltages, the output current provides the same polarity as the driving signal, and with AC inputs the output will faithfully reproduce the frequency, phase, waveshape, symmetry and dc offset fo the input source. A wide range of currents can be produced with seven switchable ranges from 200 microamperes to 100 Amperes rated for positive or negative dc and ac sinusoidal rms at crest factor to 1.45. Signal inputs can be up to 100 Volts above or below the earth grounded enclosure.

The 1620A can be driven by commercially available manual or programmable, precision ac or dc voltage calibrators and sources, and when equipped with the IEEE-488 option a fully automated current calibration system can be configured to optimize throughput in calibration procedures.

  • Calibrates AC or DC ammeters, shunts, and current transformers.
  • High accuracy of ± 0.02% of DC range; ± 0.15% of AC range.
  • Output current bandwidth DC to over 10kHz. 1kHz at 100A RMS.
  • Low distortion of less than 0.1% of fundamental.
  • IEEE-488 Programmable.
  • Full overload protection
Specifications & Attributes (Amplifiers)
Form Factor
10 KHz

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