ENI 1140LA

Solid State RF Amplifier, 9 kHz to 250 kHz
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The ENI 1140LA is an all solid state power amplifier operating over the range of 9 kHz to 250 kHz with a flat gain of 55 dB. Its 50 ohm input is compatible with most laboratory signal generator, function generator, or integrated circuit oscillator. Any load impedance may be connected to the output of the 1140LA without fear of damge or oscillation. The ENI 1140LA delivers maximum power transfer to a 50 ohm load impedance, however, any load impedance between 2 and 800 ohms can be driven by connecting a matching transformer between the output and the load. ENI / E&I 1140LA Specifications: Output Power 1100 Watts Frequency Range 9 kHz to 250 kHz Gain 55 dB Gain Variation ±1 dB Drive Source Requirement Any signal generator, function generator, or oscillator capable up to +10 dBm into 50 O Impedance 50 O Reflective Power Tolerable up to 400 Watts Input/ Output Connection BNC Max Output Power 9 to 11 kHz: 1.2 kW 11 to 75 kHz: 1.6 kW 75 to 180 kHz: 1.5 kW 180 to 250 kHz: 1.1 kW
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9 KHz - 250 KHz
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