ENI 3100LA

250 kHz to 150 MHz Solid-State RF Amplifier. 100 Watts
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The 3100LA Power Amplifier is most widely used as a RF amplifier in RFI/EMI testing and in production testing of RF equipment. With its flat response over the frequency range of 250kHz to 150MHz and a linear power output of 100 W makes the 3100LA usable in a wide variety of industrial and general laboratory applications. Accepting input signals of AM, FM, SSB, TV, pulse and other modulations with minimum distortion, the amplifier is unconditionally stable, it will not oscillate for any condition of load and source impedance. Amplifier gain is a nominal 55 dB. Input/output impedance of 50 ohms, VSWR input 1.5:1 max, output 2.5:1 max. Each unit has a built in meter that indicates both output RF voltage as well as power output into 50 ohms. With it's integral power supply and cooling system, this unit permits full power operation over the widest range of temperature and AC line conditions.
Specifications & Attributes (Amplifiers)
Form Factor
250 KHz - 150 MHz

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