Keysight (Agilent) 11975A

Amplifier, 2 GHz to 8 GHz
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The Agilent 11975 general purpose, leveled microwave amplifier has a frequency range of 2 to 8 GHz and adjustable output of +6 to +16 dBm. In addition, the amplifier has an adjustable bias current output port that supplies a maximum of ± 11 mA at +3 volts. This bias current is needed by some external harmonic mixers. The amplifier has automatic level control (ALC) that can be switched on and off. An ''unleveled'' light indicates that ALC is off.

Use the 11975A as a LO driver for the Agilent 11970/74 series harmonic mixers to achieve maximum performance.

Signal gain varies between 9 and 15 dB depending on frequency.

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001 Female type N connectors inste
0D2 Factory Refurbished Demo Equipment
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2 GHz - 8 GHz

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