Microwave Power Devices EWAL1050-51

RF Amplifier, 90MHz -550 MHz, 50W, 57 dB gain
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This RF Amplifier has high gain and low noise performance. Features
  • RF Input power for maximum output: 1 mW (0dBm)
  • RF Input overdrive protection: +6 dBm maximum
  • RF Input overdrive protection out of band: +6 dBm maximum
  • Input VSWR: 2:1 maximum
  • Output load VSWR: Full forward power to customer specified load (Typicaly 1.3:1) Fully protected.
  • Harmonics: 2nd Harmonic; 20 dBc minimum, 3rd Harmonic; 12 dBc minimum
  • Spurious Signals: 60 dBc minimum
  • Class of Operation: AB(linear)
  • AM Distortion: 10% maximum to 80% depth modulation
  • Noise Power Output: -84 dBc/Hz, typical
  • RF Connectors: Type N
Specifications & Attributes (Amplifiers)
Form Factor
90 MHz - 550 MHz

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