Anritsu ME538M

140 MHz Microwave System Analyzer
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The ME453 and ME538 series are used to measure the transmission line characteristics in the BB and IF bands in terrestrial microwave radio relay systems and in satellite communications systems. The above types of transmission distortion can be measured and analyzed with them. The have been designed with special emphasis in measurement items, performance, functions, precision and size so that they can be used for all types of microwave radio relay systems, such as FDM-FM relay systems, high-efficiency large-capacity digital microwave radio relay systems, and INTEL SAT and other satellite communications systems. Unique special innovations contribute greatly to improving handling ease, a number of internal controls are used and some measurements are automatic. Furthermore, the measuring parameters and measured values are displayed digitally, so even when one of these analyzers is used for the first time, results can be obtained quickly and accurately. The IF and BB frequencies must coincide for remote testing with other models or instruments of other manufacturers. This condition can be met quite easily by selecting the appropriate model from this particular series. Multiplexed telephone, TV, PCM, and data communications signals are mostly transmitted through microwave radio relay systems. However, when linear distortion (amplitude distortion, phase distortion) or non-linear distortion (which causes problems, particularly with analog signal transmission) is present in the transmission line, distortion noise is generated in the telephone transmission, clarity and color uniformity are lost with TV transmission and intersymbol interference between coeds originating in the waveform distortion results in digital transmission. It is therefore necessary to measure the distortion in these transmission lines and to equalize it sufficiently.
List of Options
01 Baseband Amp Measurement
02 X-Y Recorder Output
03 18HZ Slow Sweep
04 GPIB interface

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