Anritsu S331A

Cable/Antenna Analyzer, 25-3300MHz
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A hand-held SWR/RL (standing wave ratio/return loss)and Distance-to-Fault measurement instrument that includes a built-in synthesized weep signal source. It uses a keypad to enter data and an LCD to provide a graphical indication of SWR or RL over the frequency range. The SiteMaster is designed primarily for providing an all-in-one measurement solution for SWR, return loss or cable insertion loss, and location of faulty RF components in antenna tower systems. N(f) connection.
  • Frequency Range: 25 to 3300MHz
  • Frequency Resolution: 100kHz
  • Return Loss: 0 to 54dB/.01dB
  • SWR: 1 to 65/.01
  • Cable Loss: 0 to 20dB/.01dB
  • Display Points: 130
  • Sweep Markers: 4 Traces Stored: 40
List of Options
05 Power measurement Capability

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