JDSU 224

PCM Analyzer
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The T-BERD 224 mainframe's straightforward functionality offers flexibility and power that is unmatched in any channel access test set. Use the T-BERD 224 to monitor the status of in-service circuits, to troubleshoot out-of-service circuits with a complete set of stress partterns, and to isolate faulty equipment or circuit impairments. The T-BERD 224's field-upgradeable software options enable you to build a custom set for every testing need. The T1 BERT Option enables you to stress test the entire T! circuit. Test the error tolerance of network equipment by inserting single, burst, variable-rate BPVs, frame errors, and logic errors. Features Automatic configuration and results summary functions immediately identify framing, pattern, and error status. All controls and indicators are on the front panel to save time in training, test setup, and operation Loop smart jacks and CSUs with in-band and out-of-band loop codes to verify T1 circuits with a single test set Detect differences in system timing between two T1 inputs. Immediately indentify and isolate network synchronization problems Sectionalize the T1 link with non-intrusive, bidirectional monitoring. Count bipolar violations (BPVs), frame errors, and cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs). Measure the receive signal levels (volts, dBdsx) and frequencies for both T1 inputs Verify extended superframe (ESF) to D4 conversions, and monitor with split framing on the T1 inputs Monitor on hook/off hook conditions and drop selected DS0s to audio output or perform further testing with other T-BERD 224 option packages Test the full T1 span with a wide range of test patterns Drop (receive) and insert (transmit) on any of the 24 channels from any T1 access point, while maintaining service on the remaning 23 channels
List of Options
11704 ENH ESF / SLC
12041 G.821 Perf
12042 Adv Stress PAT
12708 Digit Analysis
12709 SS7 / ISDN Mon
13466 Fractional T1
13467 DDS
13963 SMRT Loopback
13964 Caller ID
14875 TR - 303
41249 RS232/V.35 DSU-DP
41500 T!/FT1/DDS Bert
41502 VF
41934 Signaling
42659 DSP Option Bd
43016 T1 Bit Error Rate

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