Keysight (Agilent) 3784A

Digital Transmission Analyzer
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The HP 3784A is a portable error performance/jitter test set, offering standard telecom interfaces at 704 kb/s, 2, 8, and 34 Mb/s. In addition it has binary TTL/ECL interfaces for measurements up to 50 Mb/s using internal clock synthesizer. The HP 3784A is easy to use with measurement presets, automatic receiver setup and error performance pass/fail thresholds. Automatic jitter tolerance and transfer plotting routines are provided for fast accurate testing up to and beyond CCITT limits. Through data mode allows jitter to be added to a structured signal for jitter tolerance testing of demultiplexers.

  • G.821 error analysis at 704 kb/s, 2, 8, and 34 Mb/s
  • Optional jitter measurement at 2, 8, and 34 Mb/s
  • Clock synthesizer rates between 1 kb/s and 50 Mb/s
  • Single key measurement setup using preset memory
List of Options
002 Jitter generation and measurement
006 64 kb/s bit error measurements
008 Unframed BER and jitter measurement
018 Clock I/P 75 Ohm; Burst Mode
061 Rackmount kit
1A3 Bellcore CLEI code
910 Additional operating and service manual
915 Additional Service Manual
H09 US DS1 DS1C DS3 51.84 Rates +
H18 DC 75 ohm TTL Clock In + Burst

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