Keysight (Agilent) 4952A

Protocol Analyzer
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HP 4952A Portable protocol analyzer for ISDN, X.25, SNA, SDLC, bisync, async, DDCMP, X.75, HDLC, Async, Bisync, X.21 and user-defined protocols. Supports data rates to 64kbps
List of Options
002 Extended Memmory plus 1Meg
101 18174A RS-449/422A/423A pod
102 18180A RS-232C/V.24 and RS-449/422A/423A pod
103 18179A RS-232C/V.24 with full breakout box pod
105 18177A V.35 pod
106 18160A RS-232C V.24 and V.35 pod

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