Keysight (Agilent) 5006A

Signature Analyzer
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The Agilent 5006A high-accuracy signature analyzer troubleshoots digital circuits for applications in production test and repair, depot repair, or field service. The analyzer finds faults by tracing signal flow and measuring signatures (16-bit cyclic redundancy codes generated for blocks of data) that are compared to printouts or computer-stored signatures. Errors are quickly detected by comparing signatures, not entire bit streams.

The 5006A employs patented signature analysis technique to generate a compressed, four-digit signature of a digital data stream at a logic node. Any fault associated with a device connected to the node will force a change in the data stream, and produce an erroneous signature. Simply probe the circuit, read the display, and compare to the known-good signature. Reference signatures can be generated by probing an operational circuit, or by external stimulation.

Qualified signature Fault isolation in complex products can be done by windowing the signature collection to specific modules or devices. The setup can be done quickly with no major test changes.

HP-IB All measurement and control functions are fully programmable.

Composite signature Composite signatures are computed for any grouping of digital signals. If the composite compares correctly to the reference signal, all of the signatures are correct, and do not have to be compared individually.

Signature memory Signatures are stored in memory after the probe switch is pushed. The memory stores the last 32 readings. Signatures can be compared in groups, not after every probe, by reviewing memory in the RECALL mode.

  • Compatible with multiple logic families
  • 25-MHz clock frequency
  • Qualified signature mode to simplify test of complex products
  • HP-IB programmable
  • Composite signature for more efficient testing
  • Signature memory speeds probing and reduces errors

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