Keysight (Agilent) 86130A

BitAlyzer® Error Performance Analyzer
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The Agilent 86130A is a 3.6 Gb/s bit-error ratio tester for characterizing, verifying and testing optoelectronic and high-speed digital components, and multiplexer and demultiplexer integrated circuits. Designed for R&D and manufacturing test applications. Intuitive user interface with a similar look and feel to the Infiniium DCA Oscilloscope and excellent waveform shape that ensures you are driving your device with the best possible stimulus. This integrated Agilent HP Analyzer Pattern Generator and Error Detection is designed to quickly solve your design and manufacturing problems. Complementing the 86100A Infiniium DCA, the Agilent Technologies 86130A brings a new level of error measurement insight into your test equipment toolbox. Powerful analysis, easy setting and use, together in a small, expandable package makes digital testing easy.
List of Options
0B1 Add Manual Set
100 2-D Error Mapping Analysis
200 Error Correction Coding Analysis
300 8648D 4.0 GHz External Synthesizer
AX4 Rack Mount Flange Kit
AXE Rack Flange kit with handles

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