Keysight (Agilent) 8702D

Lightwave Component Analyzer
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Lightwave transmission systems require accurate and repeatable characterization of their electro-optical, electrical, and optical components to guarantee high speed performance. The Agilent 8702D Lightwave Component Analyzer improves the design and specification of these lightwave components. It operates by analyzing a swept frequency signal modulating a 1300 or 1550 nm optical carrier.

  • Characterize components to high bandwidths with modulation frequencies to 3 GHz (6 GHz optionally)
  • Isolate laser and photodiode response with calibrated transmitter and receiver measurements
  • Accurately measure electrical return loss of photo diodes, lasers, connectors, and other lightwave components
  • Measure the swept frequency response of modulation second and third harmonics
  • Locate reflections and view step response with distance/time domain measurements
List of Options
002 Harmonic Measurement Capability
006 Increases Frequency to 6GHz
011 Delete Built-In Test Set
075 75 Ohm Impedance
110 Delete Time Domain
1D5 High Stability Frequency Reference

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