Keysight (Agilent) 8703A

Lightwave Component Analyzer
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As the transmission rate or bandwidth of fiber optic systems is pushed upward, high frequency design considerations become essential. The Agilent 8703A measures each of the system elements that transmit these wide bandwidths. The lightwave component analyzer operates with a swept modulation frequency to precisely characterize how lasers, LEDs, photodiodes, and electro-optic modulators operate with a high-speed information-bearing signal similar to an RF/µW network analyzer.

  • 300 kHz to 20 GHz modulation frequency
  • Calibrated frequency response measurements of high-speed optical, electro-optical, and electrical components
  • 1300, or 1550 nm operation
  • Reflection measurements with <1 mm resolution <5 mm two-event resolution up to 50 dB optical dynamic range
List of Options
011 HMS-10/HP Connector
012 FC/PC Connector
013 DIN 47256 Connector
014 ST Connector
015 Biconic Connector
100 External Lightwave Source Input
210 Replace internal 1300nM FP Laser with 1550 nM DFB Laser
220 Replace internal 1300nM FP Laser with 1300 nM DFB Laser
300 Additional 1300/1550 Lightwave Receiver
802 Add 9122D Disk Drive and Cable
830 Add 85052D Calibration Kit and 85131E Cable Set

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