Keysight (Agilent) N5234A

PNA-L Microwave Network Analyzer, 43.5 GHz

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List of Options
010 Time Domain
029 Fully-corrected noise figure measurements
080 Frequency offset measurements
082 Add scalar calibrated converter measurements
083 Vector- and scalar-calibrated converter
084 Embedded LO measurements
086 Gain compression application
087 Intermodulation distortion application
200 2-port standard test set and power range
216 2 ports, single source, with configurable test set and source attenuators
219 2 port with extended power range and bias-tees
224 Add an internal second source, a combiner and mechanical switches to 2-port analyzer
400 4-port standard test set, power range and an internal second source
419 4-port, Extended power range and bias-tees
W7X Windows 7

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