AH Systems AK-2G

Antenna KIT 20Hz-2GHz
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Each kit provides all the reliable antennas, current probes, and accessories needed to satisfy a wide array of customer requirements. Each component has a specific storage compartment in the carrying case therefore, loss and breakage are virtually eliminated. Cables, a tripod with azimuth and elevation head, and a tripod carrying case accompany each antenna kit. Everything you need for any of your compliance testing.

Included Antennas: 
SAS-510-2 290 MHz - 2000 MHz Log Periodic Antenna 
SAS-530 160 MHz - 500 MHz Dipole Antenna 
SAS-542 20 MHz - 330 MHz Biconical Antenna 
SAS-550-1B 10 KHz - 60 MHz Active Monopole Antenna 
SAS-560 20 Hz - 2 MHz Passive Loop Antenna 
BCP-510 20 Hz - 1 MHz Broadband Current Probe 
BCP-511 20 KHz - 100 MHz Broadband Current Probe 
TSC-542 Transit Storage Case 
SAC-213 3 Meter N(m) to N(m) cable 
ADP-202 N(f)to BNC(m) Adapter 
ATU-510 Wood Tripod 
AEH-510 Azimuth and Elevation Head 
TCC-510 Tripod Carrying Case 

Tripod Case Antenna Case: 
Dimensions: 46" X 8" Dia. 28" X 23" X 10" 
Weight (Lb.'s) 18.6 lbs. 35 lbs. 

Total Frequency Range of 20 Hz to 2 GHz 
Receive and Transmit 
Individually Calibrated 
Rugged Construction 

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