Compower AC-220

AC-220, 30 MHz - 2000 MHz, Combilog Antenna
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  • Com-Power AC220 Features:
    • Frequency Range: 30 MHz - 2000 MHz
    • Power handling: 500 Watts
    • Gain: 5 dBi min. (200 MHz -2000 MHz)
    • Impedance: matched to 50 Ohm
    • Connector: Type N Female
    • VSWR: 2:1 ( 80 MHz - 2000 MHz)Weight: 8 lbs.
    • Dimensions: ((L x W x H): 38 x 50 x 25 inches
    • Minimizes antenna switching
    • Transmit and receive capabilities
    • Individual calibration

The Com-Power AC-220 Combilog Antenna are designed for emissions and susceptibility testing to verify compliance to FCC, IEC, CISPR, FAA and MIL-STD specifications.

The AC 220 Combilog antenna combines the electrical properties of a biconical antenna and a log periodic antenna.

The main advantage of a Combilog antenna is that it covers the frequency range of the Biconical and Log Periodic antenna. This eliminates antenna switching (typically at 300 MHz) and allows continuous sweep measuremen
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