EMCO 3301B

Active Monopole Antenna, 30 Hz to 50 MHz
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The 3301B Active Monopole Antenna factor 3 dB roll-off points are at 170 Hz and 35 MHz. Between 250 Hz and 20 MHz, the antenna factor is flat within +/- 1 dB. To prevent saturation by the low frequency signals, the lower 3 dB point is switch-selectable at 170 Hz, 1.9 kHz or 22 kHz. The Model 3301B is able to sense fields of +2 dB (uV/m) at 1 MHz with a 1 kHz bandwidth. Saturation will not occur below a field strength of 0.7 V/m resulting in an extremely wide dynamic range to 145 dB. The saturation indicator alerts you of the need to use the internal attenuators. The Model 3301B Active Monopole Antenna consists of an adjustable rod, a counterpoise 61 cm x 61 cm (24 in x 24 in), a broadband high input impedance amplifier built into the base, and a battery charger (110 VAC/60 Hz or 220 VAC/50 Hz). The front panel contains controls and indicators include a power switch and power-on indicator, a receptacle for the battery charger, an isolated female BNC output connector, a gain control and a signal saturation indicator. Power is supplied by internal rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries. Features
  • Individually Calibrated
  • Switchable Two-band Transformer
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