Keysight (Agilent) 70611A

Switch / Attenuator Driver
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The Agilent 70611A is a 1-slot MMS module capable of controlling 31 electromechanical switches or attenuator switch sections. Option 001 adds an output driver card (Agilent 84940A) that is capable of generating up to 31 individual 200 mA, 24 Vdc current pulses. Used with the appropriate Agilent 8760 series switches or Agilent 8490 series attenuators, the Agilent 70611A can sense switch states and relay this information back to the bus. The attenuator/switch driver can remotely control an additional 217 electromechanical switches or attenuator switch setting for a total of 248. This total drive capacity is realized through the use of additional output driver cards installed in either a custom rack-mounted unit or a custom MMS interface module.

  • Capable of driving 248 devices
  • 1-slot wide MMS module
  • Weight: 25 kg (5.5 lb) maximum
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 °C
List of Options
87222D Coaxial Transfer Switch, DC to 40 GHz
87222E Coaxial Transfer Switch, DC to 50 GHz
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