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Portable 10 Gbps test solution
The SONET version of Acternas ANT-10G Advanced Network Tester is part of the ANT-20 family. Suitable for lab and field use, the ANT-10G is a superior tool for conformance, functional, installation and acceptance tests and offers accurate troubleshooting for in-service networks. With its high degree of measurement flexibility, the ANT-10G enables engineers to investigate all major quality parameters using a variety of tests, ranging from simple bit error rate tests (BERTs) and performance and pointer analysis, to complex synchronization. The solution can also be customized. The ANT-10G is able to resolve signal structures up to OC-192/STM-64 and analyze them down to 64 kbps. Access to all standardized mapping structures is possible, including mixed structures such asDS1 in STM-1 or E1 in STS-1. The ANT-10G also enables the testing of all currently used concatenated signal structures up to OC-192c/STM-64c.
Specifications & Attributes (BERT/Jitter Test)
Form Factor

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