Tektronix MB100T

Multi-channel 16-channel single-ended BERT Transmitter

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The MB100T is a portable or rackmount transmitter/pattern generator capable of transmitting parallel data word patterns. These patterns, used for bit-by-bit comparison, are programmable in length up to 65,536 bits per channel. Typical of test sets used for communications testing, the capability of this system includes: error detection for each channel individually, bit error rate calculation, and input timing delay control. An additional function for this tester is an aggregate error accumulation calculation and display. Also, each individual channel can be inhibited at the receiver input. Inhibiting a channel will allow automatic parallel data synchronization to occur using all other channels. MB100T • High speed clock input prescaler (external clock required) • Up to 3.5 gigabits of aggregate data rate (up to 32 channels times 110 Mbits/sec) • Single and error-rate injection • Channel monitor front panel output • High-quality differential ECL outputs (optional) • Optional ECL-to-TTL translator pod
List of Options
10 16 Channel Differential
11 16 Channel MB100 ECL-TTL Translator
1M Rackmount
20 24 Channel Differential
21 24 Channel Differential
22 24 Channel MB100 ECL-TTL Translator
30 32-channel singe-ended
31 32 Channel MB100 ECL-TTL Translator

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