Fluke 5100B

Multifunction Calibrator
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The 5100B AC/DC Calibrator calibrates precision meters that measure AC or DC Voltage (0-1100V), AC or DC current (200 uA-2A), and Resistance (1 ohm to 10 Mohms). Accuracies are: DC voltage and resistance (0.005%), DC current (0.025%) AC Volts (0.05%) and AC current (0.07%).

Fluke 5100B Calibrator:  Automatic calibrator for: DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current. Unit has all voltages, currents, frequencies and resistances needed to calibrate analog and digital multimeters.

List of Options
03 wideband frequency
05 IEEE 488-1975
06 bit serial asynchronous interface (RS-232-C)

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