Wavetek 4808

Multifunction Precision Calibrator
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Meeting the demands of an increasingly varied electrical calibration workload means you must find a calibrator that can reach the performance limits of the latest 7-1/2 and 8-1/2 digit highprecision DMMs, while still handling volume throughput of 3-1/2 digit to 6-1/2 digit instruments with efficiency and ease. In the search for accuracy, versatility, safety and ease-of-use you need look no further, because Wavetek 4800-Series calibrators have no equal. Extended Functionality In a single unit, the Model 4800A offers Voltage, Current and Resistance calibration for instruments with scale lengths up to 7-1/2 digits. Yet its fixed build configuration allows us to offer it at a price significantly less than that of comparable multifunction calibrators on the market. The Model 4808 not only extends workload coverage to 8-1/2 digits, it also offers you a choice of configurations— from DC or AC Voltage only units to full-function DC/AC Voltage, DC/AC Current and Resistance versions. Modular plug-ins provide a continuous upgrade path from one configuration to the next. As far as accuracy is concerned, the Model 4808 is quite simply the best multifunction calibrator you can buy. Wavetek Precision Instruments 4808 Measurements/Features:
  • DMM calibration
  • Scale lengths up to 8.5 digits
  • Operates w/4600 Transduct Amp
  • Up to 5 spot-cal frequencies
  • List of Options
    10 DC Voltage from zero to –200V
    20 AC Voltage from 90mV to 200V
    30 Integral high voltage amplifier for DC Voltage and/or AC Voltage up to 1100 V
    40 DC Current from zero to –2A and AC Current from 9mA to 2A
    50 Resistance from zero to 100 Mohm
    60 Model 4600 Transconductance Amplifier for DC Current and/or AC Current up to 11A, complete with all connecting leads
    70 Wideband source to extend frequency coverage of AC Voltage to 30 MHz at voltages up to 3.5V
    80 115V / 60 Hz Line Operation
    90 Rack Mount Kit

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