Aeroflex 2955B

Communications Test Set
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The 2955B combines all the measurement facilities required for testing mobile radio transceivers in the range up to 1000 MHz. It is a compact self-contained unit designed for bench or mobile use and can be considered as a combination of the following instruments: RF frequency meter, AF frequency meter, RF signal generator, AF generators (2), RF power meter, AF and DC voltmeter, Modulation meter, AF distortion meter, S/N or SINAD meter, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Sequential tones decoder and encoder, DTMF decoder and encoder, DCS decoder and encoder, and POCSAG radio pager encoder. The Marconi 2957D is an adapter unit which connects to the underside of the 2955 and provides the necessary signals and performs some additional measurements. The 2957D includes an updated version of the adapter and is capable of adding all of the digital signalling and measurements necessary for verification, installation, service, and maintenance.The 2957D offers a number of control ports for printers and other accessories
List of Options
001 Sensitive Receiver
005 GPIB
006 DC Kit & Front Stowage Cover

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