Ameritec AM8E

Voice/Data Transmission Test Set
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AM8e PCM/VF Call Analyzer E1 PCM/VF Signaling Analyzer What Is It? The Ameritec AM8e is an analog (POTS) and E1 (CAS) PCM/VF Signaling Analyzer. The AM8e incorporates multiple digital signal processors and microprocessors in a highly compact portable package. The AM8e is small, full featured and convenient to transport from lab to field. A 19" rack mounting kit is available for permanent installation. To provide the utmost in flexibility to accommodate worldwide signaling variations, the AM8e is software protocol driven. Protocols may be purchased from Ameritec's extensive library, custom developed by Ameritec or developed by the user. The unit may be powered from AC power mains, where it automatically adjusts for compatibility with local line voltage and frequency, or it may be powered from an optional internal rechargeable battery pack. The built-in charger allows the batteries to be charged even while the unit is in operation. A RS232 port and aux port allows for automatic hard copy reporting and remote control. The AM8e is compatible with worldwide CCITT recommendations for 2 Mbps, 30-channel, Channel Associated Signaling PCM lines. The unit is also compatible with all country specific A,B,C,D bit signaling and MF-R1, MF-R2, CCITT #5, DTMF, and dial pulse protocols. What Does It Do? The AM8e is capable of emulating, observing and troubleshooting signaling protocols on a wide variety of analog circuits or 2 Mbps Channel Associated Signaling PCM circuits. It can provide emulation and non-intrusive monitoring of 2 Mbps PCM circuits and drop and insert capability which allows testing of individual PCM channels. The unit provides two PCM ports with dual receivers and transmitters. These ports can be used for passive monitoring of a PCM span or the AM8e may be inserted in series with the PCM span for duplex drop and insert testing of individual channels. Additionally, the ports can be used for clock synchronization testing of PCM spans where one port is connected to a reference span, while the second port is connected to the span under test. The AM8e can store up to 8 complex protocols which can be simply recalled and executed. Exception reports can be printed by connecting an accessory printer and using the built-in programmable signaling thresholds to automatically screen for out of tolerance digits and events. The E&M adapter which replaces the protective front panel cover of the AM8e offers convenient access to E&M signaling emulation. Alternatively, a T1/E1 adapter also replaces the protective front panel of the AM8e converting E1 output to T1 input/output. How Does It Work? The Ameritec AM8e is user programmable allowing the user to modify existing signaling protocols or develop new signaling protocols based on specific requirements. Through the front panel keypad or via a protocol, the operator can dial any sequence of digits and events either manually or automatically. Up to 10 complex dialing sequences can be stored and later recalled for execution. When connected to a circuit, the unit will display signaling events occurring in either direction on a large backlighted liquid crystal display. Up to 80 dialed digits and/or events (i.e., on hook, off hook, wink, etc.) are collected and displayed for each call. The user, by merely placing a cursor under the digit or event, can observe, on the second display line, all details associated with that event. Commonly used AM8e test setups can be stored in non-volatile memory for later use. A total of 40 non-volatile memories are available for instant recall of personalized AM8e configuration setups. An additional 40 memories are available for recall of emulate/analyze parameters. What Can It Test?
  • Analog Loop Trunk/Line Emulation
  • E&M Signaling Emulation
  • E&M Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities
  • E1 Interface Protocols
  • Built-In Analog and PCM Testing
  • Complex Auto-Dialer
  • 2 Mbps PCM Drop and Insert
  • VF Level, Frequency & Noise Measure

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