JDSU 310

T-BERD Communications Analyzer
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From DSO to OC-48/48c, ATM to DWDM, the industry standard T-BERD Communications Analyzer packs electrical, optical, and high-speed optical testing power into one growth-oriented instrument.

  • Combines comprehensive electrical-optical and high-speed optical testing in one dynamic and upgradeable instrument
  • Provides flexible testing platform for central office, laboratory, manufacturing or outside plant environments
  • Maximizes your investment potential with convenient and easy-to-use upgrade options
  • Improves field test process control and tracking with automatic setup and electronic capture of test results via T-BERD AutoMATE
  • Detect physical layer problems and test DSO, DS1, and DS3 through OC-48 at the Mobile Telephone Switching Office.
  • Maximize maintenance and troubleshooting efficiency in the Central Office with dual DS3 receivers, extensive DS1 analysis, and a wide range of simultaneous error measurements.
  • Complete pulse shape analysis, and jitter measurements, simulate ATM traffic conditions and perform detailed laboratory testing using advanced error insertion. Detect DWDM network errors using channel monitor mode.
  • Fully integrate the unit into your automated test system with the RS-232/IEEE-488 remote control interface and rack mount capability.
  • SONET test OC-48/48c, OC-12, OC-3, OC-1, and STS-1 signals. Insert BIP errors, frame errors, FEBEs, and alarms. Generate and detect pointer activity.
  • DWDM testing enables you to measure center wavelength, peak channel power, and signal-to-noise ratio. Filter and drop a single channel for subsequent testing.
  • Test ATM at OC12c, OC-3c DS3, and DS1 rates. Both HEC and PLCP cell delineation are available at DS3 and DS1.
  • Enhance field test process control and tracking with T-BERD AutoMATE’s automatic setup and electronic capture of test results.
List of Options
310-1 DS1/DS0 Analyzer
310-10 G.821 Results
310-11 Three-slot Expansion
310-3 DS1 Insert / 2nd DS3
310-9A Enhanced ESF
310-9B Enhan DS1 Test
310-S Sonet User Interface

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