JDSU 6000

Communications Analyzer
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6000 - COMMUNICATIONS TEST SET Specs: Fireberd 6000 is the industry standard for transmission testing and frame relay analysis. Performs BERT, timing, signal, and protocol. Test T1/FT1, T3, E1,G.703/704, DDS, RS232, V.35, RS449, X.21, and HSSI from any 50 bit/s to 52Mbit/s access point.
List of Options
6001 DS1Wideband Jitter Measurement
6002 DS1 Jitter Spectral Analysis
6003 DS1 Jitter Generation
6004 Clock Recovery
6005 IEEE-488 Remote Control
6006 Precision Time Base
6007 G.703 Wideband Jitter Measurement and Generation
6008 G.703 Jitter Spectral Analysis
6009 ANSI T1.403 PRMs
6010 Frame Relay New Unit Option
6011 Frame Relay Factory Upgrade

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